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At LEOV, we believe that true success is achieved through collaborative efforts. Led by Arieh GHNASSIA, a Stanford Graduate and seasoned expert, we specialize in driving growth and innovation across diverse industries.


Bringing Value to your project


Digital Strategy & Transformation

  • Digital Expertise:

    • Leveraging the latest in Generative AI and Web 3.0 to propel your business forward.

  • Acquisition & Product Strategy:

    • Crafting strategies that maximize market reach and product impact.

  • Data, Customer Experience, UX/UI:

    • Utilizing data to enhance user experience and customer journey.

  • Digital Workshops:

    • Hands-on workshops for teams to embrace digital transformation effectively.

Support Business Growth

  • Hands-On Operating Partner:

    • Working closely with businesses to implement growth strategies.

  • Organisational Design:

    • Streamlining structures for efficiency and scalability.

  • Project Management & Go-to-Market:

    • Guiding projects from conception to market launch.

  • Branding:

    • Building strong, resonant brands that stand out in the digital age.

Finance & Business Model

  • Part-Time CFO Services:

    • Providing financial expertise and oversight to drive business decisions.

  • Operating Business Background:

    • Applying practical experience for real-world business solutions.

  • Building Business Models:

    • Creating robust models that underpin sustainable growth.

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Hands On executive team with proven record in Operation & Finance

Led by Arieh GHNASSIA, our hands-on executive team boasts a proven record in Operations & Finance.


As Innovation Enthusiasts, Phygital Experts, Digital Evangelists/Speakers, and Startup Advisors, we have partnered with CEOs, C-Levels, renowned brands, VCs, founders, and entrepreneurs across Retail, Marketing, Internet, Apps, E-commerce, Gaming, Web3, E-business, SaaS, and IT industries.

With a strong background in Project Management and Finance, we are committed to supporting decision-makers in day-to-day operations, ensuring that your business not only grows but thrives.


Strategic Planning, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Trade Marketing, eCommerce, Merchandising, Customer Experience, Loyalty, Omnichannel Operations, Gamification.


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Our mission is to help businesses scale and innovate. Contact us to discuss how we can support your growth journey and build a brighter future together.



"they are playing the game with us...really supporting and understanding how our business could grow thanks to their Hands on advise "


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